Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Alrighty, to all boy boy and girl girl!! Toccapoly is back and get ready to have fun but in creative way!! As we said, 'Bring your children around the world once again! Join our experienced facilitators on an exciting, multidisciplinary journey with the arts!' 

Suitable for 4-8 years of age, children will able to learn a lot of things such as music, dance, drawing and many more in a fun way in order to let out their creativities and imaginations. Won't it be nice if we can let our children to have fun but also learn what school can't offer.

Here are some photos taken during the previous Toccapoly camp and you can see how much fun and laugh we able to get from the children.

Come join us at Space Toccata, SS2
Date : 30th May - 2nd June
Age : 4 - 8 years old
Call 014-9770388 or email for more info!

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