Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Program: August & September 2015

Hello friends!

In August we've had: 

12th instalment of Dance=Music Series, Postman, with James Kan, seasoned dancer newly returned from South Korea. 

Venue: Space. Toccata, ss2
Date/Time: 1/8/2015 (8.30pm), 2/8/2015 (3pm) 

Guan x Friends series, an all new series! First installment is with Lynne Chua, experienced educator and passionate pianist, deconstructing together Beethoven's famous piano sonata 'Pathetique'

Venue: Space. Toccata, ss2 
Date/Time: 8/8/2015 (8.30pm), 9/8/2015 (3pm)

Live @ Space. Toccata series:
ROOM, a modern Chinese percussion performance presented by 灵魂震动鼓团
Venue: Space. Toccata, ss2
Date/Time: 15/8/2015 (8.30pm), 16/8/2015 (3pm) 

When September came:

It was time for Cake Project #17! This time around a friend of a friend won the prize pot to realise a project of bringing poetry to the masses via setting up poetry booths at events! Congratulations, John!
Date/Time: 6/9/2015, 3pm

our friends Reza Salleh, Anna Chong and Keith Tan returned to Space. Toccata for an evening of singersongwriter goodness. 

Reza + Anna + Keith 
Venue: Space. Toccata ss2
Date/Time: 19/9/2015 (8.30pm) 

On 20th September, Odelia Kamal and her uni mates from UiTM performed an afternoon of Muzik Nusantara; a wonderful spread of indigenous music.

Muzic Nusantara
Venue: Space. Toccata, ss2
Date/Time: 20/9/2015 (3pm)

We wrapped up September with a spiritual workshop in dance featuring facilitators from Hong Kong, To-Style Dance Company. 

Returning Spirits 
Venue: Space. Toccata, ss2 
Date/Time: 27/9/2015 (7.30pm) 

Thank you for reading, friends!