Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May: Square Fete and more!

Australian new-music collective halfsound are a dynamic, award-wining ensemble at the forefront of modernity. Based within the tradition of western art music, they give performances that always have a strong foundation in the music of today. Their performances aim to create an experiential sonic world in which sounds are linked to underlying themes and theatrics in order to maximize accessibility. Their sonic vocabulary comprises ensemble and solo works written by a wide variety of composers from around the world. halfsound understand the importance of collaboration in music as a means of artistic exchange, and as such they have featured many leading Australian and international interpreters of modern music as guest artists in their programmes. halfsound is jointly directed by two Australian saxophonists, Mr. Matt Hinchliffe and Ms. Ali Fyffe.
 Both Matt and Ali are graduates of the Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts of the University of Melbourne in Australia and have worked together for seven years. As collaborative partners, they are in high demand and have performed extensively throughout Australia and abroad. They have twice toured Australia, once in 2012 and again in 2014 and in 2013 they undertook an extensive tour of the south of France. They have also performed in New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Hungary, Italy, and the United Kingdom in various capacities. They also regularly commission new works from composers and have many works attributed to them. halfsound have received much recognition in Australia and abroad in the form of a number of prestigious awards. Most notably, they have received 1st prize in the Musical Society of Victoria Chamber Music Competition, People’s Choice Award at the Gisborne International Music Competition, 3rd prize in the Marco Fiorindo International Chamber Music Competition, the Alan C. Rose Memorial Trust Award and the Athenaeum Prize for Chamber Music among many others.
halfsound are currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam where they are working on numerous projects in the region. Their 2015 concert season will include concerts across Asia and the Middle East as well as many commissions and other independent concerts.

Date and Time: 9 May 2015 @ 830pm
Venue: 39A, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 016-3618504
Admission: minimum donation RM30

Performers: Australian saxophonists duo Halfsound, Mr. Matt Hinchliffe and Ms. Ali Fyffe

Murasaki No Fuchi (for saxophone duo) - Ryo Noda
Hard (for tenor saxophone solo) - Christian Lauba
Mysterious Morning III (for soprano saxophone solo) - Fuminori Tanada
Tre Pezzi (for tenor saxophone solo) - Giacinto Scelsi
Sequenza IXb (for alto saxophone solo) - Luciano Berio
Teintes (for saxophone duo) - Etienne Rolin

Date/Time: 10th May / 12pm - 6pm
Venue: Space. Toccata
39A, JLN SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya.
Admission is FREE!!!

1pm: Contemporary Dance and Chinese Drums + Mobile Phone Orchestra
2pm: Singer-songwriters session
3pm: Cake Project 
4pm: WVC Trio +1 
5pm: POLKA • Playground 

Come by and hang out with us at Space. Toccata.
we've got food, an amazing line up, and great conversation!

Kindly RSVP by 5th May, hope to see you then!

Call/text 016-3618504 or email etoccata@gmail.com to reserve your seats now! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

April updates!

'What If...' 

Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make, be they made consciously or otherwise. These decisions are influenced by our lived experiences and will in turn influence our lives; each decision leads to an outcome, another decision, a different path. 
'What If...' explores the concept of decision-making, questions the idea of grappling with change and how free we are to pick and choose. 
Choreography: Steve Goh
Music: Ng Chor Guan

Dance Dance Dance Showcase 'Rainbow' 
Dance Dance Dance is now about to embark on its 6th run and 'Rainbow' is the accumulation of both instructor and students' hard work. A poignant piece about dream and memory, 'Rainbow' examines their intangibility and ambiguities. 
Choreography: Steve Goh
Dancers: Anjoey Chong, Bee Yen, Emily Tan, Eliza Wong Chuen Foong, Viennie C, Sze Ching Lee 

18 April 2015 (Saturday), 8.30pm 
19 April 2015 (Sunday) 3pm
39A, Jalan SS2/55, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission by minimum donation: RM30

For more information please contact 016-361 8504 / 011 3302 9688 or email etoccata@gmail.com. 

Don't miss the premier of "What If..." in Malaysia!

"RAINBOW" by Dance Dance Dance 5.0
"What if..." by Steve Goh, original music by Ng Chor Guan

Please browse our youtube website to watch the teaser if you've missed it.

New Music Series is back! This installment features the instruments from the brass family of Western classical music. 

Chai Kee Hong (French Horn)
Heng Zhi Wen (French Horn)
Kok Shu Liang (Trombone) 
Tan Qin Wei (Trumpet)

Conductor: Ng Chor Guan 

Date/Time: 24/4/2015 (Friday), 8.30pm 
Venue: Space. Toccata, 39A, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya. 
Admission by minimum donation of RM25

Call/text 016-3618504 or email etoccata@gmail.com to reserve your seats now!