Monday, June 30, 2014

Six days to a CAKE project Sunday!

CAKE Project #13 is less about cake and more about creativity! (We still love cake, though. We love cake. A lot.) Creativity comes in many many ways, yet when we go seeking for it, it is more often than not, very very evasive. We end up procrastinating and waiting for the elusive 'inspiration'. How do we be productive and creative at the same time?

At Brainpickings (one of our favourite websites), Maria Popova and cognitive scientist Alexandra Horowitz discusses productivity, and to a certain extent, the art of looking and observing, a skill all creative people need.
When you look closely at anything familiar, it kind of transmogrifies into something unfamiliar — the sort of cognitive version of saying your name again and again and again, or a word again and again and again, and getting a different sound of it after you’ve repeated it forty times. 
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Week to Cake Project #13!

Hello friends, July is closing in and we're already in the middle of 2014! How time has flew, indeed. Today at Toccata we're at the last legs of preparation for the first Dance Dance Dance showcase (it's tonight!), an initiative led by dancer and choreographer Steve Goh, where dancers can come together to learn and connect with each other in contemporary dance. Hope to see you tonight! 

July also means another Cake Project session! It's the 13th this time around, and we're hoping that this particular number won't jinx the number of proposals we might receive. *fingers crossed* If you have a proposal or an idea that needs funding or just a proper hashing-out or an audience - who isn't family or friend - to maybe give you feedback, send us your proposal already! We can't wait to hear you out (and maybe vote for you so you can realise your dreams). 

We'll be posting creativity-related stuff this entire week both on Facebook and here, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy the slideshow of pictures from past Cake Project afternoons. (: 

Sunday, June 1, 2014






“山的故鄉,神的國度”──西藏尼泊爾 音乐• 旅游分享會
時間:8pm - 9:30pm
地點:TOCCATA STUDIO, 19B , SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.