Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mobile Phone Orchestra

For those who does not know what is Mobile Phone Orchestra (MPO), fear not as there will be performance of it this coming August. What you need during this performance is...yup, that's right..your mobile phone!! Before the performance starts, audiences would need to download some music tracks, turning their mobile phone into music instrument. The audiences or participants will play the respective music track according to the respective colour of the light

For example, if the light is blue, the audience or participant will need to play music track 1 and is the light is red, they need to play music track 2 and so on. Below is the link that leads you to the video about Mobile Phone Orchestra with explanation given by the composer or idea initiator, Ng Chor Guan.

Here are some photos to feast your eyes;

Amazing, isn't it?? If you want to witness this performance, worry not. We going to have it at Masjid Jamek, 9th August 16, 5-7pm. Just don't forget your mobile phone during that day! Hope to see you there and we will update this blog from time to time.

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