Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Music Series #10 : A Voice of Wind

New Music Series is back with a 10th installment! This time we are featuring the woodwind family, if you play a woodwind instrument (Eastern or Western, doesn't matter) bring your instrument with you and come jam with us! 

Goh Boon Aik / 吴文益 / Saxophones, 萨克斯风
Siah Pei Ken / 谢培根 / Suona, 唢呐 
Sow Yoong Wai, Corgan / Flute, 长笛
Yii Kah Hoe / 余家和 / Xiao, 箫
Yong How Keen / 杨皓景 / Oboe, 双簧管 

Artistic Director : Ng Chor Guan

We welcome all musicians, teachers, students, lovers of music and anyone interested in seeing and hearing new music! 

Date/Time: 4/7/2015 (Saturday), 8.30pm 
Venue: Space. Toccata, SS2 
Admission by minimum donation of RM30 

*Special promotion for students: buy 5 free 1

Call/text 016-3618504 or email us to reserve your seats now!

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