Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Space.Toccata Residency Open-Call


The SPACE.TOCCATA residency program in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) accept submissions from individual whose practice falls within the creative, innovative contemporary, critical and experimental.(including but not limited to multidisciplinary, performing art, sound and media artists, musicians, film-makers, writers etc.)

[Who we are; What we do]
SPACE.TOCCATA is a creative research and development laboratory in the city of Petaling Jaya, approximately 15km from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. This is a safe space for conversations on creativity, arts, culture, both on a critical and poetic perspective. Crossing boundaries of art forms as well as professions, SPACE.TOCCATA promote initiatives that create identity, raise awareness in the various roles of the arts in a social context and projects aiming to archive the era.

[Application Procedure]
Being an independent self-funded artist-run not-for-profit organization, it is necessary for SPACE.TOCCATA to charge a minimal residency fee to cover our running costs as well as to fund our other programs supporting artists who do not have any access to funding. An official invitation letter will be issue to assist artists in funding applications upon request. We accept applications throughout the year.
For residency program, SPACE.TOCCATA will be providing the following:
- 1 x private bedroom
- 1 x rehearsal/showcase studio (upon weekly prior bookings)
- 1 x kitchen
- an introduction to the living area
- facilitation/advice on local art scenes

**The artists-in-residence will need to cover their own expenses such as but not limited to:
- travel cost to arrive to and depart from SPACE.TOCCATA
- living expenses for the duration of the residency
- production costs of the work they develop here
- the residency fee
- visa and insurance costs

To apply, please email us directly at with the following:
1. artist statement or description / art practice
2. links or documentation of works
3. proposal for residency inclusive of desired time periods (we accept a
maximum 3-months long residencies)

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