Thursday, June 30, 2016

Newsletter July-September

Sorry for the long waiting, folks! Our newsletter for July-September had freshly done. There will be more exciting events will be held this three months time. Make sure to come and also invite your friends to come too. Come to Space Toccata to explore and discover new things!


2020 Roundtable Six
23.07.2016 (Saturday) / 8.30pm
Admission by Invitation only

This series, an extension of the 2020 project by Toccata Studio, aims to discuss the future and possibilities of change at a manageable level: by exploring topics such as profession in relation to personal identity, the Roundtable Talk serves as a platform and a safe space for people from all walks of life to discuss and build better futures.
*Tickets for 2020: I am from 2020 will be available for purchase from 15.07.2016.

Captured Creatures / Chai Mi
04.08.2016 (Thursday) / 8.30pm
Admission by minimum donation of RM30

Of Beasts is a multimedia performance by visual artist Chai Mi. Of Beasts features visuals collected from human-regulated spaces for animals; the performance explores the relationship between animals and humans in terms of space and interventionist practices. Of Beasts features live music by Ng Chor Guan, and also a guest dancer.

Sonic Poem / Paul Timings
Launch of Sound Installation: 07.08.2016 (Sunday) / 3pm
Opening hours: 08.08.2016 – 13.08.2016 (Monday – Saturday) / 11am – 5pm
Admission is free

Sonic Poem is an interactive sound installation designed by Paul Timings, that combines artist Kok Siew-Wai’s phonological interpretations of the alphabet with your poetic expressions. In this installation, the expressive interpretation of language and linguistic concepts relating to language are defined by auditory properties that contain an internal, or interpretive, linguistic mandate.

The Littlest Fun Fair
14.08.2016 (Sunday) / 12pm – 6pm
Admission is free

The Littlest Funfair is a small-scale fun fair with booths filled with fun little games and art experiences that are catered to children aged 3-12 years old. From finger puppets to kinetic drawing, children can return home brimming with fun after spending a day with our hand-picked stalls, curated by Toccata Studio.

Cake Project #19
04.09.2016 (Sunday) / 3pm
Admission by minimum donation of RM15

Cake Project is a micro crowd-funding project by Toccata Studio which aims to build a strong and diverse network of local art practitioners and audiences. It started as a nostalgic idea of wanting to recreate the atmosphere of Sunday afternoon chit-chat with tea and cakes among friends and family where one could bounce ideas about each other. 

Toccapoly Kids / September Holiday Camp
12-15.09.2016 (Monday – Thursday) / 9.30am – 5.30pm
Suitable for children aged between 4-8 years

Consisting of music, dance, visual arts, and language, Toccapoly is a bilingual program that is creative and artistic, with aims to provide your children with a new and thorough experience of the arts, revealing their immense artistic potential and their boundless creativity. / 016-3618504 /

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