Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A very busy first week of September!

Hello, friends!

We kicked off the first weekend of September with the opening of the Autumn: Art Exhibition / September 2014: there was food and friends and wise words from well-meaning people all around! We'd like to thank those of you who came and shared the wonderful afternoon with us, hope to see you again soon!

On Sunday we had Cake Project #14, where pitchers Suhaili Micheline, Teo Wey Herng and Ng Chor Guan each tries to woo the audience with earnest presentations of their projects. Suhaili Micheline's 'Marrying Me' is a musical about self discovery, the ups and downs of a mother daughter relationship, and ultimately, self love. Though Suhaili did not win, she is bringing the performance to New York City! Best of luck, Suhaili!

Second pitcher Teo Wey Herng represents Toccata Studio in presenting an event named 'Square Fete'; it is a festival that will be put on by Toccata Studio in January featuring a series of events and performances including a contemporary art exhibition. Teo Wey Herng quoted Malaysian writer and painter Duola in her presentation: 'we want to bring arts back into SS2'.

Winner Ng Chor Guan pitched his ongoing project RE: Revolution Evolution, a live performance inspired by cycling and recording the present world with modern day tools: Ng Chor Guan and collaborator cycles about the area they feature and collect sound and visual material, which will be transformed into coherent music and visuals, forming a poignant performance. Donate a few ringgit to their Gofundme page: They are planning to bring this around the world!

Also check out the video for RE! 

On Tuesday evening we had Suhaili Micheline in Toccata Studio for our 9th installment of Dance=Music Series! She and composer Ng Chor Guan recreated the performance space and turned it into a room where 'a parcel is unraveled'; the performance room is scattered with crumpled newspapers and the space under the piano turns into 'a cave', says a member of the audience. 

This Friday we've got Yi-feng: a solo recital by Seth Woods, an artist who is reputed to be 'straddling several genres' and performs a diverse range of music including the works of Bach and avant-garde compositions. Outside the chamber and solo setting, Seth has played with the New York City Ballet, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, Di Capo Opera Theater and Vertical Player Repertory Opera. Seth Woods will also perform an improvisation session in the second half of the concert with Malaysian composer, Ng Chor Guan, who will be manipulating the theremin. 

Hope to see you this Friday!
Thank you for reading. (:

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