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Space.Toccata Residency Open-Call


The SPACE.TOCCATA residency program in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) accept submissions from individual whose practice falls within the creative, innovative contemporary, critical and experimental.(including but not limited to multidisciplinary, performing art, sound and media artists, musicians, film-makers, writers etc.)

[Who we are; What we do]
SPACE.TOCCATA is a creative research and development laboratory in the city of Petaling Jaya, approximately 15km from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. This is a safe space for conversations on creativity, arts, culture, both on a critical and poetic perspective. Crossing boundaries of art forms as well as professions, SPACE.TOCCATA promote initiatives that create identity, raise awareness in the various roles of the arts in a social context and projects aiming to archive the era.

[Application Procedure]
Being an independent self-funded artist-run not-for-profit organization, it is necessary for SPACE.TOCCATA to charge a minimal residency fee to cover our running costs as well as to fund our other programs supporting artists who do not have any access to funding. An official invitation letter will be issue to assist artists in funding applications upon request. We accept applications throughout the year.
For residency program, SPACE.TOCCATA will be providing the following:
- 1 x private bedroom
- 1 x rehearsal/showcase studio (upon weekly prior bookings)
- 1 x kitchen
- an introduction to the living area
- facilitation/advice on local art scenes

**The artists-in-residence will need to cover their own expenses such as but not limited to:
- travel cost to arrive to and depart from SPACE.TOCCATA
- living expenses for the duration of the residency
- production costs of the work they develop here
- the residency fee
- visa and insurance costs

To apply, please email us directly at with the following:
1. artist statement or description / art practice
2. links or documentation of works
3. proposal for residency inclusive of desired time periods (we accept a
maximum 3-months long residencies)

Year 2017 of Space.Toccata

Hereby, sincerely thank you for being with us along the journey of 2017!
We hope you had an amazing year with us. Here are some highlighted projects/events which took place in Space.Toccata.

< PROJECT 2020> by Toccata Studio
Space.Toccata the official rehearsal venue for “2020: Futurists Diaries”.
2020 is a five-year project discussing change and being its agent; this project began with a centering on the integration of science and art in a live performance that debuted in 2015. 2020 offers its audience-participants new ways of accessing experiences while moving them towards better futures, real and imagined.

Artist-scientist 2020 Roundtable
The 2020 Roundtable talks is a series of roundtable discussions initiated under the 2020 project umbrella. This project aims to discuss the future and possibilities of change at a manageable level: by exploring topics such as professions in relation to personal identity and build better futures Roundtable talks serves as a platform and a safe space for people from all walks of life to discuss.

POLKA • PLAYGROUND> by Toccata Studio
Space.Toccata the official performance venue for “Polka • Playground [Pre-Bangkok Theatre Festival Fund-raising Show]”.
Polka Dot Playground is a live audio-visual performance centering on improvisational music.

Theremin/Laptop Music: Ng Chor Guan 
Drummer                       : Jimmy Chong aka Jimmy Zhai 
Zither                             : Gideon Alubakhan Chen   

<CAKE PROJECT> by Toccata Studio
Cake Project is a combination of CAKE + CREATIVE IDEAS, kick- off point micro-funding project. This project aims to build a strong and diverse network of local art practitioners and audiences. It strives to recreate the atmosphere of chit-chat with tea and cakes among friends and family where one could bounce new ideas. Public participation and discussion encourage the success.

CAKE Project on NanYang Siang Pau:
Learn more about CAKE project:

Toccapoly is an educational program which combines various art forms; consisting of music, dance visual arts and language. This program originally created by 6 artists/educators for children age 4-9. The objective is to provide children a new and multifaceted experience of the arts, revealing their immense artistic potential and their boundless creativity.

Toccapoly Playdate
Toccapoly Playdate is a short two-hour program with a focus on introductory activities to arts appreciation.

Play Date: Catch a Fish Tale
Date:         18th November 2017
 A storytelling program designed for kids that incorporates art, music and body movements. Children developed art appreciation skills and learned in a fun and stress-free environment where their creativity will be shared and valued. At the end of the evening, children learnt to narrate and make their own underwater-themed story books.

Toccapoly Holiday Camp
Toccapoly Holiday Camp is a four-day fun-filled camps with themes of classics across different artforms held in the school holiday months (June and November).

Toccapoly Holiday Camp 2017 Xmas adventure with Nutcracker
Date: 27 November 2017 – 30th November 2017
Drawing from Tchaikovsky's well-loved 'The Nutcracker Suite', the Toccapoly arts enrichment camp incorporates music, dance, drama and art-making to create a fun and wholesome four-day adventure. Children will develop their arts appreciation skills in a space where their creativity and curiosity are valued, shared, and nurtured.

The Littlest Funfair is a small-scale fun fair with booths filled with fun little games and art experiences that are catered to children aged 3-12 years old. From finger puppets to kinetic drawing, children can return home brimming with fun after spending a day with our hand-picked stalls, curated by Toccata Studio!

 Rental of Space.Toccata
“Pearls of The Southern Island, Gazing At The Moment”
The program is an interdisciplinary performance of Taiwan and Malaysia showcase about human beings, sound and ocean.

Private students’ recital organized by music teachers

Looking for space to rent?
Space.Toccata is available for rent. If you are individual or small groups looking for a space to run workshops, rehearsals, regular classes, gathering, private parties, recitals, showcases, exhibition, panel discussion and more, Space.Toccata is well equipped with spaces of various sizes, at reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to contact

Feel free to like Space.Toccata page on

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

POLKA • playground back in action by popular demand!

POLKA • playground back in action by popular demand! 

POLKA • playground

Ng Chor Guan (Theremin and Laptop)
Jimmy Chong Aka Jimmy Zhai (Percussion)
Gideon Alubakhan Chen (Zither)

Guest Performers:
Ian Goh (Piano)
Lynne Chuah (Piano)
Kent (Bass Guitar)

Date: 20/4/2017 and 21/4/2017
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Space.Toccata, 39 (1st floor), Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Admission: Minimum Donation RM30

Contact: 016-3618504
first created in 2012 by Toccata Studio's Artistic Director Ng Chor Guan, as part of  New Music Series, POLKA • playground is an interactive audio visual performance.

a feast of sights and sounds ~ 
POLKA • playground aims to demonstrate creative possibilities in collaborative art processes, to raise interest level of creativity in artistic content, to bridge gap between art practitioners and general public, more importantly, to provide new and exciting sensory experiences via performance to the crowd.

artistic director of Toccata Studio, music composer Ng Chor Guan in action 

JimmyZhai on the drums 

a game of join the dots !